Continue following Melantrichova to the end. There you will see a pedestrian way that leads to the beginning of Wenceslas Square. As you browse the stores, keep an eye out for the Half & Half Cafe. At the top of Wenceslas Square, you will find a statue of King Wenceslas. Behind him, you will find the National Museum.

Chapters: 10

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Wenceslas Square


Excerpts from The God Complex: (Amazon ‘Look Inside’)

“National museum is there in back of us.” The museum’s magnificent dome lit up the fading sky behind it. “We are in New Town now. Here is Wenceslas Square. The man on horse there is St. Wenceslas. Do you know St. Wenceslas?”

Wenceslas Square in the City of Prague, Czech Republic, Europe
Wenceslas Square at Night in New Town, Blur, Prague, Czech Republic
View of Wenceslas Square from the Steps of the National Museum
St. Vaclav, Wenceslas Square, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe


Site of the Velvet Revolution (1989)