At the bridge turn right. To get to Shooters Island (“Strelecky Ostrov”), you can either walk or take the (Optional) tram one stop. Trams 17 and 18 will take you from Karlovy lázně to Národní divadlo. Walk to the center of the bridge where you will find stairs leading down to the island.

Chapters: 22

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Shooters Island


Excerpts from The God Complex: (Amazon ‘Look Inside’)

Walking to the far end of the island, they sat on benches looking out at the baroque homes that had captivated Paul on the drive down. They ate lunch in silence. Barely conscious of the food he put in his mouth, Paul spent the time staring through blurry eyes at the cityscape across the river. Klára’s words blended into the background noise of rustling leaves and babbling water passing by.



Strelecky Island, Vltava River and Old Town in Winter, Mala Strana, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe