From Malostranská, take Tram 12, 20, 22, or 91 over to Malá Strana, or the Little Side. Exit the tram at Malostranské náměstí. Walk in the direction of your tram until you reach Karmelitská Street. Turn left and walk 50 meters until you reach Crème Caffe Il Balcone. Stop in for a coffee, pastry, or lunch.

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Malá Strana


Excerpts from The God Complex: (Amazon ‘Look Inside’)

Passing under the second Bridge Tower on the other side of the river, the street emptied into a cobblestone area called Malá Strana, or “Little Side.” In medieval times, this area was home to the German population of Prague. Now, it is the summertime home to tourists walking the mosaic-embedded sidewalks and eating at outdoor bistros visible through archways hanging over the sidewalk.


Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic


Charles Bridge, Church of St. Francis Dome, Old Town Bridge Tower, Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic




Baroque St. Nicholas Church and Mala Strana Roofs from Vrtbovska Garden, Czech Republic, Europe


Klára turned Paul to the left and directed him away from the tourist traffic. Once they reached the corner, she pointed to the Crème Caffe Il Balcone, her favorite place in this part of town. After settling into one of the outdoor tables, a waiter came to take their orders.