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About Map of Prague

Map of Prague is a fan site dedicated to one of Prague’s most popular travel novel, The God Complex. Take our virtual tour and visit the the main attractions, restaurants, cafes, and bars frequented by characters in the book.

The God Complex is the perfect required reading for travelers who want to take an exciting thrill ride through the city of a hundred spires.  Woven into the novel’s action and intrigue are just enough cultural and historic details to build a unique context for when you see the sites. The author draws upon his time living and working in Prague, setting many of the scenes in cafes, restaurants, and bars that are preferred by locals. To top it off, the tour map comes with a one-day self-guided walking tour of Prague. The tour uses the Green line to zip you to the main tourist attraction.  As you walk between the sites, the tour stops off at places frequented by characters in the book. Soon, you will be sipping coffee in the same cafe where Paul Benson pieces together his brother’s mysterious murder, and dining on pig’s knee while drinking burčák.

Click the arrow above to visit the first stop in the tour—Prague Castle. Each stop on our site has an excerpt or two from the book. The last stop is the Forum. If you took the tour, post photos and comments from your trip to Prague.



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